Induction furnace for melting steel(ccm or mold casting )
   Such products are mainly used with CCM to form great-scale production line with great output. So the melting rate is emphasized, and the power density is enhanced as best. For CCM users, the scrap is various, and in every melting period, the scrap needs to be put into the furnace crucible frequently. Thus the holding cover is not suitable. Also the dust and smoke is too enough to use circle type dust catcher to collect them.
   Function: tilting the furnace body to pour out the qualified liquid steel.
  Configuration: the drive system can be one motor-pump and double motor-pump.
  Control mode: manual lever control mode, the operation desk is fixed upon the platform front, and operated to control the furnace position.
  Electrical valve wire control mode: only a small portable control box with several buttons is needed.
  For mold casting users, the supply power and the furnace capacity is due to the model volume and the mold building time, usually the power density is not high. Also the scrap is pure and consistent. The holding cover and circle dust catcher may be helpful. The rated power can be decreased if the melting rate is not the first.
   The mold casting workshop has a lot of metal dust, so we suggest that the cooling system uses closed type cooling tower. For high-level users, computer management system may be a preferable choice.
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