¡¡Induction holding furnace
MF power supply outline Function£º To convert the input 50HZ multi-phase voltage into single phase medium frequency voltage.
Configuration£º According to the power rating, the rectifier mode can be 6-pulse, 12-pulse and 24-pulse, and the inverter mode can be single bridge, double bridge and four bridge mode.
Control Mode£ºlocal control£¨Button control¡¢touch screen control£©and remote control£¨relay control and computer control£©
Hydraulic Pump Station Function: tilting the furnace body to pour out the qualified liquid steel.
Configuration: the drive system can be one motor-pump and double motor-pump.
Control mode: manual lever control mode, the operation desk is fixed upon the platform front, and operated to control the furnace position.
Electrical valve wire control mode: only a small portable control box with several buttons is needed.